Here we link you to some tutorial resources for aiida-fleur and related topics. In general you find hands-on tutorial material under https://github.com/JuDFTteam/judft_tutorials and in the examples folder of the aiida-fleur package (the examples lack sometimes behind).

AiiDA tutorials

If you are not familiar with the basics of AiiDA yet, you might want to checkout the AiiDA youtube tutorials. The jupyter notebooks from the tutorials you will find here on github, where you can also try them out in binder. Virtual machines for tutorials and tutorial manuals you find here.

An introduction video into AiiDA you find here or other videos under the Materials cloud channel.

AiiDA-FLEUR tutorials

Lectures: - Introduction into AiiDA-fleur - Introduction into AiiDA-fleur workflows

Hands on: - The Hands-on session from a tutorial in 04.2021.

FLEUR & FLAPW tutorials

In general for new, documentation and tutorials for the FLEUR program checkout www.flapw.de.

Videos and pdfs from a tutorial in 2021: https://www.flapw.de/MaX-5.1/video/